Fan & Air Circulator F500

Fresh air throughout the room

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Product Highlights
  • Powerful air circulation creates an indirect cooling experience
  • Adjustable angles from 0° to 90° help control the direction of the airflow
  • Remote control: Easy handling with smart remote control
  • Ultra-quiet performance due to the high quality DC motor
  • 12 levels of fan speed help you choose a comfortable setting
  • The timer allows you to set your desired duration of use (up to 15 hours)
Product description

The F500 is a fan & air circulator with exceptional performance that can be adjusted to your needs. The high-performance fan clicks into place at any desired angle between 0° and 90°. This enables perfect air circulation throughout the room, providing a number of advantages. The cool air from your air-conditioning unit is distributed evenly throughout the room, fresh air brought in by opening the windows flows right into the room and cool air is channeled to the upper floors of your home. Thanks to its timer function, the appliance can freshen up a room even before you enter. The F500 fits in anywhere with its futuristic design, even a bedroom. Its quiet operation ensures you can sleep through the night in peace.

System description

The fan evenly distributes the air in your room and creates a cool, pleasant breeze. When the unit is placed in the desired position, it works in combination with your AC unit or through an open window to circulate the fresh air. The fan is especially helpful to move the air over multiple floors or rooms with high ceilings. With the help of the fan, you and your family will be able feel natural refreshing air throughout the hot summer season. 

Product details
  • High-performance fan

  • Powerful air circulation for an indirect cooling experience

  • 12 fan levels

  • Ultra-quiet operation

  • Manually adjustable angle from 0° to 90°

  • Timer function (up to 15 hours)

  • Extremely energy efficient

  • Remote control with a magnetic contact surface

  • Futuristic and stable design

  • High-quality components with 3 year warranty

Technical data
Main voltage                                        110 V / 60 Hz
Power consumption 0.5 / 28 W
Air Flow 1920 m3/h (1130 CFM)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.58 x 13.34 x 16.06 in                                                                        
Weight 6.94 lbs / 3.15 kg
Operation noise level 40-60 db(A)

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