BONECO Facts and Figures

Facts and figures

Facts about us

  • Headquarters: Widnau, Switzerland
  • Founding year: PLASTON AG Switzerland, February 1956
  • Organization chart: BONECO is a company of PLASTON Group
  • President of the board of directors: Jörg Frei
  • Autonomy: BONECO AG Switzerland, April 2015
  • Employees: Approximately 40 around the world
  • Sales volume: CHF 40 million worldwide
  • Sales: Approximately 500,000 Air Treatment appliances
  • Products: HYBRID Humidifiers and Air Purifiers, Air Purifiers, Humidifiers (Air Washers, Ultrasonic Humidifiers, Steam Humidifiers, Evaporators)
  • Design-Award: Red Dot Design Award for the products E2441, U200 and P500
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001
  • Distinction: PLASTON Group won the "Preis der Rheintaler Wirtschaft" award to honor businesses in the Rhine valley in 2015
Brief overview

Since April of 2015, PLASTON Group has consisted of PLASTON and BONECO AG. The decision to separate the two areas of business, "Industrial Plastic Systems" and "Air Treatment Systems," into standalone companies came about due to the entirely distinct business activities. The only thing that links us is plastic as a raw material. Of course, we will be taking advantage of as many synergies as possible as we move forward.


The history of PLASTON started in 1956 in the garage of founder Hans Frei. The famous red Hilti tool case was created in 1970, and Hilti remains one of our most important customers. PLASTON develops and produces industrial cases, technical components and installs technical assemblies to make finished sales units. The company headquarters is located in Widnau in the St. Gallen region of the Rhine river valley in Switzerland, an area that also holds the part production for cases and technical parts for Western Europe. The two other production sites are located in the Czech Republic and China. This structuring keeps PLASTON near its customers and allows for a flexible response in the event of changes to the value-creation chain.

Visit here the Website of PLASTON.


The development, manufacture and distribution of Air Treatment Solutions started with the launch of the first Steam Humidifier under the BONECO brand in 1971. The product range has been expanded to include other systems since then: HYBRID systems (Humidifier and Air Purifier), Air Purifier systems, Humidifier systems (Air Washers, Ultrasonic Humidifiers, Steam Humidifiers and Evaporators). Today, the products are predominantly marketed and sold in Europe, the United States and China. The company philosophy and the new BONECO healthy air brand embody our experience as the theme leader and market creator for “healthy air”.

AIR-O-SWISS and BONECO are now called:

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