Comfortable climate

Optimum humidity is just as important as the need for potable water

The natural comfortable climate if the humidity is just right

Humidified room air

Cold outdoor air in the winter, heating and using air-conditioning in the summer dries the room air, which has unpleasant side effects for people. We used this as an opportunity to develop our units to suit your needs.

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Poor air

Dry air leaves you feeling very unpleasant
Discover the effects here
  • Scratchy throat, red eyes, itchy and cracked skin and lips
  • Static in hair, clothes and wool blankets
  • Dry mucous membranes in the nose and throat
  • Increased risk of flu viruses and allergies
  • Reduced ability to perform tasks and concentrate
  • Headaches
  • Adverse effects on our immune system
  • Cracked wood objects: Wood furniture and wood flooring
  • Out-of-tune wooden instruments

Good air

Optimally humidified air is beneficial to the entire environment
Discover the advantages here
  • +We feel more energetic – as do our pets
  • +Balm for dry mucous membranes
  • +Soft and smooth skin
  • +Prevents static
  • +Reduces the risk of cold and flu viruses
  • +Protects vocal cords
  • +Moisturizing care for wood furniture, wood flooring and wooden instruments
  • +Relief for people allergic to pollen and fine dust particles
  • +Slows down dust formation
  • +Plants thrive better


Air treatment for your health

The HYBRID system does not just humidify the air, it can also be used to clean it. Air treatment for your health does not get any better.

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Humidifier System

Your skin needs moisture

Heating and air-conditioning systems dry the room air. Whether in your bedroom or at the office: Humidifiers regulate the humidity automatically so you feel right at home wherever you are.

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