Breathe again

It does not take much to feel healthy at home


We know how it feels to suffer from allergies.
But we also know how to combat them

We know your needs

During the development of our products, it is essential for us to consider the needs of allergy sufferers. We attach maximum priority to the quality, performance and user-friendliness of the systems.

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Poor air

Living rooms are often highly polluted due to a high concentration of allergens

Good air

We combat allergic pathogens in an entirely natural and efficient way


Like cleansing rain

Are you familiar with the satisfying feeling when you go for a walk and can breathe easily after a thunderstorm? Nature shows us the way. At home it's our HYBRID which regulates the beneficial air quality.

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Air is pure

The cleaned room air feels as if you are in the mountains and are breathing in clean air. Developed for you, the ALLERGY system including a HEPA filter reduces 99% of the allergens on the filter.

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