Humidifier Evaporator


These FAQs relate to the appliance: E2441A

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Can the A7018 Evaporator mat be cleaned / descaled
  • No, it cannot. If the bottom of the A7018 Evaporator mat is coated with lime scale, it can be inserted upside down into the appliance. This will increase the service life of the Evaporator mat for a few operating hours.
The desired moisture level is not achieved
  • There is a high level of air circulation in the room. Close doors and windows.
  • The appliance is standing next to a poorly insulated window or door, which causes air to circulate.
  • In rooms with high ceilings, the humidifying process takes longer.
  • The windows are open, which lets cold, dry air into the room. Close windows. 
  • Do not stop using ventilation.
What kind of accessories are required for an Evaporator

We recommend the A200 Hydro Cell to the water base fresh and clean all season long. 

A7018 Evaporator mat.

We recommend the A7417 EZCal cleaning and descaling agent for BONECO humidifiers.

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