General Questions


These FAQs relate to all BONECO air treatment systems: 

What is the positive effect of professional air humidification
  • Improves your well-being, day and night
  • Prevents dry skin, scratchy throats and red eyes
  • Strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of allergies for your children
  • Assists in recovery after athletic performance
  • Decreases flu viruses and pollen in the air
  • Creates a good climate for animals, plants, wood furniture and musical instruments
  • Minimizes dirt particles in indoor air
May fragrances/essential oils be used
  • Essential oils may only be used in appliances with an integrated fragrance container.
  • In appliances that are not compatible with fragrances/essential oils, just a small amount is enough to damage the plastic.
Why is ventilation alone not enough to achieve an optimal indoor relative humidity level during the winter
  • Room air becomes drier through opening a window because cold outdoor air cannot absorb much moisture. Only fresh oxygen enters the room through open windows. Though the air that makes its way indoors during the winter may be fresh, it does not contain enough moisture to humidify the warm room air.
Where is the best area to place my humidifier
  • Please comply with the appliance operating manual. The operating manual is included in the appliance packaging and can be downloaded on this website for any appliance under "Details & Downloads".
Why is the hygrometer in my appliance displaying a different relative humidity than an external hygrometer
  • Air circulation in the room is the critical factor. For this reason, the relative humidity is not the same throughout the entire room. This means that the appliance should not be located near a heater, a poorly insulated window/door or a radiator. 
What causes the plastic-like odor
  • This odor is completely harmless and results from the fact that the appliance is packaged immediately following production, and the odor of new plastic has not completely gone away. If you would like, you can place the appliance outside in dry weather for a brief period to eliminate the odor completely.

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