Air Washer Humidifier 2055A

Humidification, air washing and scenting in one

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Product Highlights
  • Dual function: Air humidification and air washing
  • Controlled humidification at the touch of a button
  • Cleans the air of pollen and household dust
  • Automatic shut-off when water tank is empty
Product description

Thanks to air washing, the air is cleaned of impurities such as dust, pollen and particle-bound odours. This involves cleaning the indoor air naturally the way the rain does, without chemical additives, and is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. An integrated fragrance container for essential oils creates additional well-being. The appliance has two operation modes and works particularly quietly, due to the special airflow.

FAQ: Questions and Answers

System description Air Washer

The Air Washer system provides both air humidification and air washing at the same time. Depending on the model, they either function using humidifier discs or an evaporator mat, either of which rotates through the water. The principle at work to enrich the air with moisture while the water acts as a natural filter to remove contaminants (such as dust, pollen and particle-bound odors) from the air. The newest generation of Air Washers allows for the use of different filters.

BONECO 2055A - an important helper to your well-being
Product details
  • Two operation modes for day- and night-time operation, which enable maximum output or quiet night-time operation

  • No chemical additives necessary, cleans the air naturally like rain

  • Automatic shut-off in case of empty water tank

  • Low energy consumption

  • Removable and transparent water tank with handle

  • Easy to use and clean

  • Fragrance container for use with essential oils

  • High-quality components with long service life

Technical data
Mains voltage 120 V / 60 Hz
Power consumption

20 W

Humidity output 3 gallons / 24 hr
For rooms up to 600 sq ft
Water capacity 1.85 gallons
Dimensions (LxWxH) 14.2 x 14.2 x 14.2 in
Weight (empty) 13 lbs
Operation noise level < 25 dB (A)

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