Pure air

We ensure healthy mountain air in your city apartment

We know that you live in the world's most beautiful city.
But we also know that the air is not pure

Healthy air is a luxury

When we develop our products, we pay close attention to your needs and room air that is free of fine particles in your home. When you quietly air your apartment, our systems filter out fine particles and smells - air is rendered clean again.

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Poor air

Fine particle pollution has impacts on our health
Reveal the headlines
  • Study: 65,000 deaths annually due to fine particles (Spiegel, 19.02.2005)
  • Fine particles cause brain damage (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 14.02.2012)
  • Beijing air pollution reaches dangerous levels (China daily, 13.1.2013)
  • Paris bans half of all cars over air pollution fears (www.independent.co.uk, 16.3.2014)
  • Air pollution: England and Wales hit by first day of smog - as it happened (www.theguardian.com, 3.4.2014)
  • Californians Deserve Less Smog, Cleaner Air (www.earthjustice.org, 2.2.2015)

Good air

Pure, odorless and healthy


Beneficial for your respiratory tracts

The particles in the air become heavy due to the optimum air humidity and do not enter the respiratory tracts so often. The HYBRID system contains a HEPA filter which cleans the air contaminated with fine particles. Also suitable for smokers.

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Free of odors and dust during everyday life

Our Air Purifier with a SMOG filter, which was developed for city dwellers, is specially designed for your needs due to its very high cleaning capacity. Also suitable for smokers.

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