Journey from the home of healthy air
to your home

We bring Swiss mountain air
to you at home

Following nature's example

Just like drinking water, healthy air is a vital necessity for all of us.
We let ourselves be inspired by healthy Swiss mountain air and
develop products entirely following nature's example.

Jörg Frei, President of BONECO AG



Poor air

Carry out your own test
  • In winter do you often suffer from swallowing difficulties, dry mucous membranes in your mouth and nose, and chapped lips?
  • Do you frequently suffer from red, stinging eyes, increased blinking frequency and glare sensitivity?
  • Does your skin feel dry, is it often stretched and itchy, and does it tend towards inflammations right through to eczemas?
  • Are you frequently tired and have headaches and concentration problems?

Good air

Discover your advantages
  • +Reduces dry skin and blocked respiratory tracts, stinging eyes and voice disorders
  • +Reduces flu viruses and pollen in the air
  • +Creates a good climate for animals, plants, wooden furniture and musical instruments
  • +Slows down dust formation

System diversity for worldwide needs

The need for healthy air differs from person to person - and from country to country.
We have developed individual Air Treatment Systems
for different needs throughout the world.

Research and Development, BONECO AG


Like cleansing rain

Air treatment in a natural way - The room air is “washed” just like a rain shower washes the outdoor air and sweep everything away. The air helps clean and humidify the room. Optimal air moisture is reached based on a self-regulating principle.

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A breeze of water spray

In the summer, a humidifier is as refreshing as the spray from a waterfall. During the heating period, the thirst for dry air room air is quenched, skin remains supple and mucous membranes are resistant. Wooden furniture, parquet floors and wooden instruments retain their shape and function.


Air is clean

Not only does the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classify pollution in indoor rooms as one of the five biggest environmental risks for our health, the entire world is also affected by increasing fine particle pollution.

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