Reduce the risk of infection from colds and
remain protected against allergic reactions

The health of employees in an office
affects the results of the company

Climate at work

We have developed Air Treatment Systems which are suited entirely to your needs for your office or open-plan office.

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Poor air

Would you have thought that the following symptoms are connected to poor air quality?
Reveal the symptoms
  • Dry respiratory tracts, something which leads to sore throats and coughs
  • Frequent colds
  • Allergic symptoms such as hay fever, dust allergy and animal hair allergy
  • Red and stinging eyes
  • Fatigue, headaches, concentration problems
  • Electrostatic charging

Good air

Leads to increased output, motivation and well-being
Discover the positive effects:
  • +Reduces susceptibility to colds and can promote a quicker recovery
  • +Reduces allergic symptoms
  • +Reduces stinging eyes, dry respiratory tracts and voice problems
  • +Fewer signs of fatigue, headaches and concentration problems


Powerful and efficient

The HYBRID system not only ensures optimum air humidity, but also air purity in offices with an area of 1075 sq ft (100 m2). The protective function of the mucous membranes is preserved and allergic pathogens (pollen/dust) are held back efficiently thanks to the HEPA filter. Easy to use and effective for the health of all employees.

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