Feeling of security

Feel totally comfortable and secure thanks to healthy air

Air is vital for life –
just like security and love of your children

Only the best for your children

We develop our products with the same level of attention you devote to your children. With the objective of offering systems which satisfy the needs of your children and are very easy to operate.

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Poor air

Has an adverse effect on the immune system

Good air

Strengthens children's bodies
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  • +For your children, but also for you as parents, we recommend relative air humidity of between 40 and 60 percent at home
  • +Optimum air humidity reduces red, dry eyes and scratchy throats, protects respiratory tracts and moistens the mucous membranes in the nose
  • +The risk of allergies and flu is lessened and the number of bacteria in the room air is reduced
  • +Ensures healthy and relaxing sleep, a good room climate and well-being for the whole family


Strengthens the immune system

Thanks to optimum air humidity, respiratory tracts and mucous membranes maintain their protective function. The particles in the air become heavy due to the optimum air humidity and do not enter the respiratory tracts so often. The HYBRID system cleans the room air of pollutants through a HEPA filter developed for babies and small children.

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The humidified room air ensures that the particles in the air become heavy and fall to the floor. The pathogens are therefore not at face level and reduce the risk of colds and infections. The sensitive skin of children also no longer feels dry.


Breathe easier

Countless numbers of invisible bacteria and germs fly around in the room air. Our Air Purifiers keep them away from your children. We have developed a needs-oriented BABY filter for this purpose.

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