Brand change in numbers

AIR-O-SWISS and BONECO are now called BONECO healthy air!

Foundation and growth:

The company now known as BONECO healthy air started as a family-owned company in Widnau, Switzerland in 1956 under the name PLASTON. In that year, Hans Frei and Roland Frei worked through a challenging situation to found a company for processing high-quality plastics. Back then the company was run out of the garage of our own house and with energetic support from the whole family. Today, BONECO healthy air is the world's leading provider of all mobile air treatment appliances and the only one of its kind where skill and expertise in all systems is concerned. BONECO AG was founded in April 2015 and is part of the PLASTON Group.

The BONECO brand:

The first humidifier model under this name was launched in 1963. Over the years, the product line has continuously expanded with additional products (Air Washers, Ultrasonic Humidifiers, Evaporators, Steam Humidifiers, Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers). We have developed and manufactured all of the systems ourselves.

The AIR-O-SWISS brand:

A sales location was opened in the USA in 2001 and our second brand was launched. All of our air treatment appliances in the United States have been sold under the AIR-O-SWISS brand. Our cultivation of the US market was a huge success and AIR-O-SWISS became a well-known brand.

The BONECO and AIR-O-SWISS two brand strategy:

The appliances improve the air at home, at the office, in public spaces or on the go – with high-quality and high-performance air treatment systems that provide a harmonized combination of innovation and design, whether the unit is an Air Washer, Evaporator, Ultrasonic Humidifier, Steam Humidifier, Air Purifier or Dehumidifier. The improvement to a room's climate has a positive effect not only on well-being and the feeling of freshness but on your health as well.

The BONECO healthy air brand:

We were on the right path with our branding policy, but it was not consistent enough to emerge as one public brand. 

As a result, we decided to take a strategic development step with the goal of becoming ONE strong public brand. All products and all markets are unified under the BONECO healthy air brand. The focus of the new brand is on healthy air. Healthy air is a commodity that will be even more important, scarce and sought-after in the future. This demands that we constantly expand, systematize and communicate our expertise in the area of healthy air. We use this new image to support this new, sharper positioning.

AIR-O-SWISS and BONECO are now called:

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