Ultratriathlon 2016

Extreme athlete Carsten Sacher with BONECO healthy air in the thick of it

The Double-DECA-ultratriathlon will take place in Buchs, St. Gallen, from 14.8. to 2.9.2016. The organizer and participant Carsten Sacher answers our questions. Among other things, you will find out why the use of an air treatment appliance is an advantage. During the ultratriathlon, we will report on the training preparations at regular intervals on Facebook. Like us now: http://www.facebook.com/boneco.healthyair/

"In the few hours (approx. 4-6) that I have for sleeping each day, my body must regenerate as fast as possible. For this purpose, the air quality in the room is of decisive importance."

Carsten Sacher – Extreme athlete: Please describe yourself.

My heart certainly beats digitally, which means I only know the numbers 1 for on and 0 for off. With number 1, I'm permanently looking out for new, exciting challenges. But I can also relax on the sofa and read a book, in which case I'm in zero mode.

Since when have you been doing the triathlon?

In 1996 I managed to complete the incredible distance of a triple triathlon for the first time. Curiously, I didn't finish the (standard) Ironman distance till two years later.

In 2014 you took part in the DECA-ultratriathlon in Mexico. What exactly does that mean?

In a DECA-ultratriathlon, the participants have to complete an Ironman distance on each of 10 consecutive days. This means that within 10 days the athletes cover the unbelievable total distance of 38 km swimming, 1800 km cycling and 422 km jogging.

This year it well be even more extreme. Tell us about what's going to happen and what you're going to do.

When I took part in the DECA-triathlon in Mexico in 2014, my body needed five whole days to adapt to the daily exertion. Amazingly, on the following days I was able to continually improve my performance. On the 10th day, when I got to the finishing line, I felt physically and psychologically so good, that I had the crazy idea of the double deca-triathlon. Double deca-triathlon means that, on 20 consecutive days I have to complete the Ironman distance, which makes a total of 76 km swimming, 3600 km cycling and 844 km jogging.

How many hours do you train each week?

During the final phase of preparation for the competition, it's certainly 25-35 hours a week. This already includes preparation competitions with 6, 12 or 24 runs. The average is around 10-15 hours, but there are also some weeks with no training.

What is your training schedule for a week?

There is no proper training schedule. It's important that training should be fun and enjoyable, so I arrange my daily training procedure as efficiently as possible in coordination with my family and my working day.

Have you had any negative experiences with bad air during the competitions or while training?

At the deca-triathlon in Mexico, from the beginning I was coughing a lot, but neither my trainer nor the local race doctor nor I myself really knew what the problem was. There was speculation that it might be because of the altitude (1800 meters above sea level), the smog, the high ozone level or the dry air. Unfortunately, last year's winner of the triple DECA-triathlon (30 times Ironman) had to drop out of the race already on the 4th day because of breathing problems.

What equipment do you use for an optimum air quality?

At home I use an H680. During my stay in Mexico, unfortunately I only had enough space in my luggage for a 7146 travel air humidifier. I would much rather have taken a larger, more powerful appliance.

Why the HYBRID H680 appliance?

The decisive factor for me is that I can use the H680 all year round thanks to its hybrid function.

What are the positive effects?

The output of the H680 is impressive, and its operation and maintenance are self-explanatory. In addition, thanks to its beautiful design, the appliance is integrated perfectly into our apartment. Another positive side-effect is that it operates very quietly.

During the ultratriathlon, you'll be staying in a hotel. Why will you take the BONECO appliance along with you?

I will definitely set up my H680 in my hotel room for this year's double deca. In the few hours (approx. 4-6) that I have for sleeping each day, my body must regenerate as fast as possible. For this purpose, the air quality in the room is of decisive importance.

Which means that, when you use the HYBRID H680, you can feel an improvement in your performance?

For me, the decisive factor is that when the air quality is good my sleep is much better, deeper and more relaxed. In addition, the pollen filter in the H680 prevents my eyes itching during the night, or my nose becoming blocked, thanks to the optimum air humidity.

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