Touching hearts

Our donation this holiday season is going to an organization located in Šluknov.
This city in the far north of the Czech Republic is home to one of the production plants in our corporate group.

One world together

Music connects without words

The music school, Základní umělecká škola, in Šluknov enables children to enjoy music and encourages them to use their talents.

Giving the gift of joy

Donation story
  • This year we are donating to a music school in Šluknov. Our donation will allow this music school to improve its equipment, making it even more enjoyable to make music and allowing needy children to experience the joy of playing music.

    Doing good together

    Thank you

    We would like to thank the music school, Základní umělecká škola, in Šluknov for providing us the opportunity to donate to such a great cause. Our donation will help children discover their passion for music and make future perspectives possible.

    Additionally, we would like to thank our employees, partners and customers – everyone that helped contribute to making our donation a reality.

    Michael Leitner, CEO of BONECO AG

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